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Can Speedgrader open into a NEW tab when accessed from the NEW gradebook?

Question asked by Laura Orsetti on Mar 12, 2018
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In the "old" gradebook, when you were in there and clicked on a button to open Speedgrader, the Speedgrader would open in a new tab.  This was great to be able to work in Speedgrader and then close that tab, allowing you to go back to where you were in the Gradebook without reloading everything.


However in the "new" gradebook, clicking on Speedgrader opens it in the same tab.  Our faculty are getting frustrated that they then have to navigate back to the course, back to the gradebook, back to where they were, in order to do continue working in the gradebook after they are done in the Speedgrader. 


I have suggested that they right-click and 'open in a new tab', at least until this changes, but it seems that everywhere else in Canvas, when you click on a Speedgrader button it opens in a new tab.  Can it be the same here for consistency?

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