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Use one question quizzes / surveys during lectures

Discussion created by Tobe Baeyens on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Tobe Baeyens

I would like to check for understanding during my lessons. I know there are a lot of external tools that let you create polls, quizzes,... but I wonder if people have used Canvas quizzes for that. Students can use the Canvas mobile app. 

I think that using quizzes in Canvas has some advantages:

  1. All results are stored into the Canvas courses
  2. Teachers don't need to learn a new tool
  3. Creating a quiz in Canvas is very easy and quick (less then a minute)
  4. Students can easily answer the quizzes with the Canvas student app
  5. Teachers can present the quiz results during class (polls can be anonymous)
  6. Teacher can analyse the results afterwards and give students extra feedback

There are also a few disadvantages

  1. A teacher can only see the results if the student submitted the quiz
    1. Solution: Keep quizzes very short (1 question / quiz)
  2. Not all question types run native in the Canvas student app (Quizzes can be viewed natively for an enhanced user experience, with the exception of quizzes that contain Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks or Formula questions)
    1. Solution: Don't use these question types :-)

What do you think? Have you used quizzes during lesson time to check your students understanding?