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Problem with testing LDAP authentication

Question asked by Karin May on Mar 9, 2018
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We have been set up with LDAP for over 18 months and it is working fine. For the past few months though, the "Test LDAP Authentication" feature on the Authentication page has failed to bind. Logins are flowing normally and have been. The problem we are having is that when Canvas Support gets a call about a login problem, we go around again with support saying "logins are failing, the LDAP test says so" followed by us saying "no there not, there's a few thousand people logging in and out all the time". I check our logins both on and off our campus network, no problems we can see. 


So my question is this: Does the "Test LDAP Authentication" cause problems for anyone else? Anyone seeing an error  on the test when there is no problem with LDAP login? 


I would like to pin down whether this is something in our setup that is causing a problem with the test or if something changed with the test in the past 4 months.