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Is there a good way to hide groups or mark them in-active?

Question asked by David Woods on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Susan O'Connell

I use groups in many different ways in my classes and have recently been getting some comments from students about the large number of groups they have to manage across all of their courses.


In looking at this from the student perspective, I can see what they mean.  They may have 10 or more groups, but in looking at the groups for my classes, I know that many of the groups are no longer being used.  For example, I may have a series of short assignments, each with a different set of groups, but once the assignment is complete, the group isn't needed.  However, I can't delete the group because there are assignments tied to the group.  The also may be content in the group area that the students may want to refer back to.  


Do other people have students commenting (or complaining) about the number of groups they are in?  


Has anyone found a good way to manage this?


If not, what do you think of having a way for an instructor to mark a group "in-active?"  Then groups could be displayed similar to how courses are displayed, with a list of "active" groups and an "all groups" link to allow access to in-active groups.


I do see a proposal to Allow students to remove groups, but at least for course groups, I see value in keeping the group, but maybe having a better way to manage the list of groups.