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How to Create Unique Group Learning Modules

Question asked by Geralyn Stephens on Mar 10, 2018
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COURSE COMBINE:  In Bb 9.1, I was able to create one (combined) course that contained student enrollment from six (6) unique courses.  Then, I created self-enroll groups for each of those courses within the combined course. After that, I could create unique learning modules for each group.  Access to the content in the learning module(s) was determined by group membership.   The only limitation was that students saw ALL the assignments across the combined course in the Grade Center.  However, this never presented an issue, once explained.


So far in Canvas, I have learned to combine enrollments, create groups and delineate assignments and quizzes.  However, I am unable to figure out how to segregate the availability of content [pages, discussion boards, etc.] by group.  Yes, there are "Pages" within the group, however, there is no real way to simulate the Learning Module functionality as in Bb.  Any help is appreciated!