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Calendar Question

Question asked by Sara Davick on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2018 by Eric Werth

We currently use a shared Google calendar for all faculty members. This calendar is used to keep track of tests and large projects so that we don't overload our students with too many at any one time. As teachers plan for tests they add those test to the calendar and can see how many other tests are planned for the same day or week etc...


We will be adapting Canvas school-wide next year. Is there a way for us to use the calendar in Canvas the same way? Do I have to be enrolled in a course in order to see the calendar for that course? I assume this is the case. 


Obviously enrolling every faculty member in every course would not be a good solution.


I know that there is a way to export the Canvas calendar to Google Calendar. Is this what we would need to do? Is there a way that as a teacher I could export the calendar for my specific course to that shared faculty calendar so that other faculty members can see it?


I'm trying to think ahead and make things as efficient as possible for our teachers. I'm really excited about the Canvas Calendar and all of its benefits. If I could keep our teachers from needing to manually add their tests and projects to the shared Google Calendar I know they would appreciate one less task needing to be taken care of.