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Point Allocation and Ampersands

Discussion created by Louis Barry on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Kevin Dougherty

Two bugs in one report. Forgive me if this messes up the bug workflow.


Description of the Bug:

  1. Firstly, (I think it might only be happening lately) if I put a question in the question bank it suddenly will not allow me to change the point allocation for that question on the quiz anymore (or at least it does not display the change if it, in fact, changed it). Once I delete the question from the bank the point allocation works again.
  2. Secondly, the "&" symbol is turned into "&" in some (all?) questions which undermines any auto-grading. Even selecting a correct option from a dropdown menu containing an "&" will be auto-graded as incorrect.


Steps to Reproduce:


First bug:

  1. Create any question,
  2. put it in a question bank,
  3. try to change the point allocation, and click done
  4. (the points, next to the question title, should not change).
  5. Now delete the question from the bank,
  6. come back, edit the question, and click done
  7. (the point allocation should now update as normal).


Second bug:

  1.  Create a matching or fill in the blank/dropdown question,
  2. enter a correct answer option containing an ampersand ("&") and save.
  3. Try the quiz and select the correct answer with the "&" from the dropdown menu
  4. (it should be auto-graded as incorrect showing the "right" answer as containing "&" instead of "&")


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