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Digital Badges

Question asked by Brian Macon on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Alan Heppenstall

Hello all. So, I have spent the past few days reading, and reading, and then read some more. I think I know quite a bit (but still feel like a novice)  in regards to the use of badges within Canvas. Was really hoping someone could help me here.

It looks like Canvabadges is gone and there are 3 main options: Badgr, Credly, and Accredible. 


I am not necessarily interested in the idea of open badges for students to carry in their digital portfolio. I am working on my dissertation and am interested in using badges as a way to deliver positive messages and encouragement as students progress though course content. It appears that Badgr is well integrated in to Canvas but looks as though as an issuer can only give one badge per module, and can't have a badge delivered upon completion of one specific activity (submitting a quiz) unless I build one module with said quiz and nothing else. Maybe I am wrong about this.


I know that Kim Hammond has been mentioned on many threads I have read related to badgr. Help. Any tips that Kim or anyone else can provide, point me in the right direction of possible tools, would be greatly appreciated.