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When do you archive / remove / disable users and content?

Question asked by Tobe Baeyens on Mar 14, 2018
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We started with Canvas in September 2017. We have an automatic synchronisation with our student information system. All courses, sections and users are synchronised. In a few months we will make courses available for the next academic year.

Teachers are starting to ask questions about archiving and visibility from old content. They want to know what content will be archived / removed / disabled for them.

What are the best practices? What do you do with old courses? Do you keep the content in these courses accessible for the teachers? Do you archive them? Do you delete them? What happens when a student leaves a course? Will his / her content still be available in the course (discussion topics, submissions,...)? What happens with e-portfolios when a student leaves the institution? Submissions, grades,...?


Do you remove students from Canvas when they leave? Do you delete courses after a few years?


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