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How to remove a student's page views?

Question asked by on Mar 19, 2018
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We have prerequisites and requirements set up for 10 of our modules. A student has to get a score of a 1 on the quiz in the first module to move onto the next 9 modules (scoring a 1 on the quiz is a requirement of module 1). The grade is entered by the teacher because some of the content is sensitive. Parents of these students either opt-in or opt-out their students of the sensitive material, and if they are opt-in they receive a 1, and opt-out receives a 0.


The requirements in each module (module 2 through 10) is that each student views the first page of the module. In the case that one of our teachers makes a mistake, and a student starts moving through the sensitive material and starts viewing pages. Is there a way to clear what the student has seen? My alternative is to make a copy of the page and replace it. This seems a bit unnecessary and I am reaching out to see if there is a better method.


In the future, I am making module 1 a prerequisite of all subsequent modules. However, I implemented this in the course we are already running and chose the option of re-locking the module, and the students can still see the material. Not sure what the issue is.