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Integrate Canvas with Active Directory

Question asked by MARCELO AMORIM on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by David Lyons

Hi people,


Recently, I've been searching for some guides to integrate my canvas platform with my organisational active directory. I've found some explanations with Ldap authentications and it worked great!

By the way, I'm working in a larger project, where I'm gonna have (maybe a Single Sign-On solution) an integration between Active Directory, Canvas LMS and Google Apps.


In the security's main page of CanvasLMS, it's described that the Active Directory authentication is possible, but what else can I do with it? I've searched in the Canvas's community and internet for some information, but nothing relevant to it.


Also, I found two possible (paid) solutions to this: Bitium | Manage Your Apps and Passwords and Canvasin Single Sign-On (SSO) - Active Directory Integration - LDAP Sync - Authentication. Both of them have support to Canvas.


Has someone here done something like this? Please, let me know!


Thank you,