Cheryl Handsaker

Support sought for customizing user display fields

Discussion created by Cheryl Handsaker on Mar 14, 2018

At Williams College, we are looking for ways to add personal pronouns and class year to the user profile and class roster display in Canvas. To this end, I have created a suggestion in the Ideas area that would allow for the flexibility to display user information that is relevant to each institution. Perhaps you do not need to display class year at your school but are looking for a way to display the user's color preferences or Myers Briggs Type Indicator? This suggestion would meet your needs! 


If you agree that this sort of flexibility would be an improvement to the Canvas LMS, please consider:


I would be interested in learning about similar requests to add new user fields that may already exist in the Ideas forum that could be addressed if a more flexible approach was adopted by Instructure. 


Thanks very much for considering this request!