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Student group that doesn't display group membership to outsiders?

Question asked by Linnea Thompson on Mar 17, 2018
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I'm the faculty advisor for our school's GSA club (LGBTQ student group), and I'm looking for a good way to communicate with my club members in Canvas. I thought about making a group in our school-wide Homeroom course, but then I realized that students could see who was in a group by going to the "people" page. 


I'm looking for a way to easily send messages to (and, ideally, allow online discussions among) my GSA students without providing a list of who is and is not in the group to students who haven't joined it. 


I'd settle for the Canvas-equivalent of having a "group" in my address book that I could send messages to all at once (the Canvas equivalent of an old-school email "mailing list" everyone could message to would be even better), although also having a discussion board and maybe a files area would be useful. (My students mostly don't check their school email accounts, just their Canvas inboxes.)


(We can't set up a separate Canvas course for the GSA because students at our school are already in too many Canvas "classes" and it's to the point that they can't see all of the Calendars at once because Canvas only lets them see 10 at at time. Also, it clutters up grade reporting and parent communication when students are in a mixture of "real" for-credit-academic classes and "fake" non-credit-administrative classes so we're trying really hard to cut down on that.)


Any thoughts? I'd prefer to keep it in Canvas rather than go with something else that students would have to keep track of (particularly since they don't check their email).