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Flickering Mouse Icon in Firefox

Question asked by Champion on Jun 12, 2015
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Original Topic Title: "Unanswered Questions" Button


My version of Firefox (38.0.5) seems to be having difficulties with the red "Unanswered Questions" button at the bottom of this page: Q & A.  When I drag my mouse over it, the hand icon flickers, and it takes a few clicks to actually get the button to respond so that it can go to the unanswered questions.  I'm not seeing this behavior in Google Chrome, and IE is locking up on me when I visit that page as a guest (not logged in).  Anyone else experiencing this???


Edit: The issue is not just affecting the "Unanswered Questions" button...most of the red buttons and almost all of the standard text links have the flickering behavior in Firefox (and also the page scrolling issues I've recently noted below). 


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