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Is it possible to ensure that ePortfolios contain required artifacts?

Question asked by Benjamin Rodriguez on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Benjamin Rodriguez

The ePortfolio feature in Canvas looks great. It's nice to see this as a native feature in the LMS giving students the ability to showcase their academic achievements.


I've seen third party platforms that enable program administrators to design a portfolio structure. When students submit work it gets evaluated by the instructor and routed directly to the appropriate place in their portfolio.


Given that students have full control over their portfolios in Canvas, is there any way to ensure (in situations that apply) that students would have a properly structured portfolio that displays artifacts in accordance to their program's requirements?


So far it seem's as though if this were the goal, the students would just need to be guided to set their portfolios up and associate the proper content. But I was wondering if there were a way to streamline it more to help avoid errors and maintain consistency over time. If anyone has any tips or techniques they are using, please share!