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Problems with interactive PDFs on Canvas

Question asked by Steve Clancy on Mar 19, 2018
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We have created a number of interactive PDFs (fillable forms)  to post on Canvas as worksheets. The students are instructed to download the form, complete it, then re-upload it for grading.


The PDFs have a number of text boxes which scroll when a large amount of text is entered, e.g., the citation and abstract of a journal article.


We are finding that, when these completed assignments are viewed on Canvas, the boxes become static and are not scrollable, OR in couple of cases, the text bleed out of the box and "ran" into other parts of the worksheet.


However, if I download the submitted worksheets and view them on my computer, they look just fine.


I am wondering if this is a Canvas issue, or an issue with whatever device the student may have used to complete the form, e.g., a MAC, different versions of Windows,  etc.


Has anyone encountered this, and if so come up with a solution?


I've attached a couple screenshots to illustrate.


Thanks in advance