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Using the Gradebook Function with IRATs/TRATs and Multiple Formative Assessments

Question asked by Tracy Norton on Mar 20, 2018
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I teach in a law school and have introduced team-based learning to my classes this year (after 20 years of teaching). I have about 5 modules in each course I teach. Students take an IRAT (Individual Readiness Assessment Test) and TRAT (Team Readiness Assessment Test) at the beginning of each module. Those scores together make up 10% of the final course grade. In addition to the IRAT/TRAT scores (4 & 6% respectively), the course grade is made up of:


  • 1% each for 10 online legal citation exercises (they get the credit if they make a good faith effort at all problems)
  • 10% for an analytical memorandum
  • 20% for an analytical memorandum redraft (peer reviewed using Peerceptiv)
  • 30% for an analytical memorandum
  • 20% for a research exam


I can have the Gradebook calculate the grades since they're pretty easy percentages. However, there's a wrinkle with the TRAT scores. Students complete team member assessments at the end of the semester. The points they earn on those assessments become a multiplier for the TRAT score (for example, someone who receives 83 points from their team members gets 83% of the TRAT score calculated into their grade). My current solution is to do the calculations in Excel and transfer them to Canvas, but I'd like to do it all within Canvas.


For those of you who have used the Gradebook for a while, is there a way to customize it more as I'd be able to do with an Excel spreadsheet? Can I set a formula for grade A (the TRAT score) that combines the raw TRAT score with the team assessment multiplier?


Thanks in advance for your input!


Tracy Norton