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Automatically remove users from Canvas

Question asked by trenton tyler on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

We are currently using this C# script to upload users into our Canvas instance. 


canvas/sis/sis_import_standard/CSharpCanvasSISPublish at master · unsupported/canvas · GitHub 


This script does what we need. However, it does not remove students who are not in that instance or mark them as inactive so I have teachers sending me emails to remove students that may have moved classes out of the district. As you can imagine, in a district with around 6,000 students, this get's a bit tedious. I would normally do a batch update but since we are halfway through the semester I can't erase gradebook data and anything else like that. 


Is there a way to remove any students who do not appear to be in the CSV we are importing with a script of some kind?