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Tips for making courses reusable and easy to copy

Discussion created by John Willingham on Mar 20, 2018
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Hi All,


I am looking for suggestions for things to include in a presentation I am doing next week for our faculty.


The session will be about copying courses into new course shells for next semester. In the first part of the session I will demonstrate the basic steps involved in importing course content from other courses via the 'Copy a Canvas Course' option. That part of the presentation is all pretty straight forward. I will explain the shift dates feature, specific content vs all content, using the link validator tool etc.


In the second part of the presentation I want to give them tips and tricks on how to  build courses so that they don't require much re-configuring and editing when they are copied. For instance, I will recommend that they avoid including specific dates in the names of things. I would love to hear your suggestions for other things to include  in this section.


Lastly, I want to help them avoid doing things that result in broken links and other issues in their destination courses. Frankly the process seems pretty easy to me but invariably I get calls from faculty who discover lots of broken links and links to unpublished items and other problems after their classes have started. The problems can often be blamed on unpublished modules and file name changes but I feel like they have found ways to break stuff that I am unaware of. If you have advice for this list, that would also be much appreciated!


Thank you!


John Willingham

Emory University

Atlanta, GA