Holly Arnold

Charts - Need for Multiple Numerical Answer Option

Discussion created by Holly Arnold on Mar 21, 2018

In teaching, math and science sometimes fill in charts. These charts can be math orientated where I need the "numerical answer" with a tolerance. The problem is, to fill in the chart, I need an option like "multiple numerical answer" sort of like the multiple dropbox option currently available. The only way to currently fill in a chart is ridiculous and doesn't even look like a chart and gets confusing to my students. My classes have lots of filling in charts with numbers, and there is no efficient way to do this.


Does anyone have a suggestion or can someone at Canvas look into doing a "multiple numerical answer" like the multiple dropbox option?! This would also help with quadratic equations looking for 2 answers that need a little tolerance so I'm not doing fill in the blank with multiple correct answers that take forever to make.