Annie deBruynkops

Where can I find the account_id off of a sub-account?

Discussion created by Annie deBruynkops on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Daniel Gilogley

I am having a similar issue to Quan, see below post:

How do I find out the account_id 


We already have Sub-Accounts created in our test system, and I need to to know the account_ids associated with these sub-accounts so I can reference other accounts in my account.csv inbound file.


However, there are no "settings" associated with each sub-account - basically nowhere to view the account ID. You can change the name of the sub-account, add a new sub-account, delete, or add a course within the sub-account. There is no where to add or view the account_id associated with the sub-account.


Anyone run into a similar issue? Solutions? Thank you!