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Group Discussion Options/Limitations

Question asked by Teri Herron on Mar 21, 2018
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We are looking to include a graded group discussion in a design for one of our business courses. We have couched it in a scenario that will have the students working together in a team to produce a short presentation for the president of a small company that will solve an issue the company is facing. All of this is fairly simple with the tools available. This issues arise when we move to the next part of the design we would like to implement.


Once the groups have produced their short presentations, we would like those to go to the general discussion topic so that all students may view the presentations from the point of view of the company's president and then choose the best option for solving the company's identified problem.


To add another layer to this, it would be ideal if the discussion could include both an individual and a group grade that could be averaged to provide the students with a grade that reflects both their ability to work with the team and to work independently.


Can we set up a group discussion that will allow students to work in groups to prepare their presentations, present these in the same discussion to the whole class, respond from the president's perspective, and be graded both as individuals and team members?