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API request not returning all results

Question asked by craig curtis on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

Trying to retrieve all enrollments for a student or all users in a class.  


When I ask for all for a student I am not seeing current year information.  but seeing old last year data.




When I try to get all the students in a section I just receive the observers and no students...  Ok I can get studens from last year but only see observers for sections this year.

/api/v1/sections/sis_section_id:704.162.5580-2/enrollments/?access_token=2698xxxxx . Last year works


/api/v1/sections/sis_section_id:704.171.1857-1/enrollments/?access_token=2698xxxxx . this year only see observer no students.


So Confused.