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Find submissions after a transfer

Question asked by Tiffany Morgan on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Ken Black


We have a student who was in course #1. They were transferred to course #2. We are trying to confirm if work was submitted and/or graded in course #1 prior to the transfer.


I've looked at submission reports but based on my testing it seems that once as student is removed from one course any submission from the previously enrolled course no longer displays on this report. I've checked grade book history, completed enrollment in gradebook, the assignment's speed grader and teacher/student interaction report all in course #1; all without success. On the student logs I can see where the student accessed assignments in course #1, but am not able to determine what, if anything, was submitted. 


Any ideas how I can determine 1) was anything submitted 2) if it was submitted was it graded? I can go back to the teacher and student and ask but I'd like to know of any system options I may still have too.