Layne Heiny

CanvasCon LA was Fantastic

Discussion created by Layne Heiny on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Kona Jones

My time with Canvas has been limited to the past few weeks; however, I was lucky enough to attend CanvasCon LA on Friday and have three pages of questions answered by Canvas employees as well as other users. 


It was a wonderful time seeing all of the different uses of Canvas, the enthusiasm of the users, and getting to meet some of the Canvas employees. It was fantastic.


The person I attended the event with said (paraphrase), "I've never seen so many nice people sharing ideas all in one place."


Why else was it wonderful? Canvas employees clearly listen. Woody even helped with a technical challenge regarding announcements on the FFT accounts. Paul was great at offering his time to discuss how our district could migrate from another LMS. Countless Canvas employees took time to explain the direction of quizzes.Next. 


Do I have any regrets? Yes. It was too fast. I didn't get to meet Chris (VP) because other people were around him. I wanted to actually play with quizzes.Next and wish there were hands-on workshops similar to Adobe's gatherings. 


Have you attended a local CanvasCon? Will you attend another? Was it worth your time? What were your thoughts?