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Multiple file submission to canvas group assignment

Question asked by Nicola Langton on Mar 23, 2018
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I need some advice about submission of multiple files to a group submission area  


  • No requirement for groups to use canvas groups  or O365 etc to collate or evidence work - not desire to see workings
  • One person to submit a group project 'eportfolio' which will be marked and graded as groupwork


  • submission of undefined number of files of undefined type ( docs, video, audio , spreadsheets etc) 
  • all must be submitted together per attempt  - ok if no restriction on number or size of files 
  • all must be submitted together as a new attempt even if only one is updated 
  • where are files stored and will it affect overall account storage limits 
  • submitting as a zipped folder ok ( subject to size restriction and storage in group area as an assignment) but then presumably marker will have to down load from speedgrader to see them in any event

 Advise sought:

Is it possible to do what lecturer wants? i.e. submission of multiple files of undefined number, size and type? 

The submission process etc has to be simple 

  •  If yes to an extent - what restrictions might there be? e.g.
    1. how many files can be submitted at any one time 
    2. is there a size limit per file 
    3. if bundled as zip folder what are limits to its size  

Are there alternative work arounds ?

  • I have suggested groups use their canvas group files area to collate and organise group eportfolio submission files and that submission on behalf of the group be a URL link to the folder in the canvas group area ( or as a file with eportfolio structure set out with links to sub folders etc) 
  • Instead of collating in Canvas Groups - use 0365 share folder (our students all have access to own One Drive account) - and just submit a shared doc in Group submission area 
  • As a degree programme and activity, nalystics andassessment have to be stored - Canvas group option preferred)


your thoughts and advice please...?