Adding some "local" flavor" in blogs

Discussion created by julian@instructure.com Employee on Mar 27, 2018

Let's Blog

One of the many great features available in the Canvas Community is the ability to share your knowledge/stories in our Blogs. Everyone has access to write, comment and share blog posts on this platform and it is a great way to share and learn from other peoples experiences.


Just this morning I wrote a short little post on the importance of Mobile being available Anywhere on Anything at anytime. Not a groundbreaking post to be sure, but a message I wanted to share regardless. It also gave me an excuse to through in a little Aussie flair through references to The Goodies


You can read my blog post here. But more importantly, I would urge all of you to think about what stories you can share and to start your own blog posts. They don't need to be long thesis style posts, they just need to share something that you think others would find useful.


Looking forward to reading your blogs soon.