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Two Pieces of a Different Puzzle: Badgr and Outcomes

Question asked by Holly Owens on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Holly Owens

Hello Fabulous Canvas Community, 


I am currently working on designing a "model" course that I will share with faculty at my institution, and I have been exploring Badgr. Long story made short, can Badgr be tied to Outcomes in Canvas? I'm thinking about the "bigger picture" with accreditation and I'm curious as to whether we can set up Badgr tied to Outcomes with our programs that show what students have done to complete or meet program requirements. Then students could have proof of this in their accounts since you can add Badgr to a module requesting evidence to earn the badge. They could say "hey professor I earned the <insert creative badge name here> see? So I've already met this requirement." 


Maybe I am trying to jam two unique pieces of a puzzle together here, but I wanted to ask the creative and fabulous minds in this community to see if anyone has successfully linked Badgr or any other badging system to Outcomes in Canvas and/or share your thoughts about this concept...Can't wait to hear what you think!