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Using subquzzies to create a quiz score for one quiz as one of many other quizzes

Question asked by Arne Hallam on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Arne Hallam

I give 12 quizzes during the semester, the top 10 of which count.

I know how to drop quizzed and handle this.

But I would like some of the quizzes to be two parts, where the total score is the sum of the score from the two parts.

In particular, on some quizzes (which are worth 20 points), 15 points some from a subquiz for which the students have 90 minutes and can take only once.  The other five points come from a subquiz on which the students have unlimited times and attempts (numerical problems).

So for example.

Quiz 1 (20 points)

Quiz 2 (20 points) 




Quiz 6 (20 points)

Quiz 7a (15 points )

Quiz 7b (5 points)

Quiz 8




Quiz 12


I want the best ten scores where the one considered to be dropped in the sum of 7a and 7b.


How can I add the two subquizzes and denote as Quiz 7?