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Creating a login with a non-school email

Question asked by Michael Green on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

Hi Canvas APAC community! This may not be the most appropriate place to ask such a general question but in the spirit of trying to get more involved in this community I thought I would ask here...


Our school is newish to Canvas (as am I) so this might be something simple I am overlooking. Basically admin staff are looking to create a Canvas course to facilitate some committee meetings which mostly involve people external to the school. Our school uses Google GSuite for all our email addresses so we use the GSuite integration to authenticate logins and use gmail addresses as logins.


So the closest I got so far is trying the following:

1. Create a user account with a dummy "login" email address (at creation it won't let me set a password).

2. Create a new login within that new user and use the external email address and set a password.

3. After step 2 I can delete the dummy login I created in step 1.

4. Assign the user to a course.


So the problems I face are as follows:

- On step 1, even if I use a legitimate external email address if I select notify user I don't receive any email that an account was created (this isn't really a show stopper issue just an observation).

- When I invite the user to the course (step 4), no email is sent to notify the user.

- When I login as the new user there is no pending invitation to accept the invitation to join the course. If I check the course from my admin login I can see the user listed as "pending" to accept the invitation. This is really the main issue because I'm not able to join them to the course.


Hope this helps explain the issue, happy to provide any further information if it helps. I'm wondering if it either isn't possible because of the way our GSuite integration works or if I am missing something simple. Thank you.