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Working PHP oAuth code?

Question asked by David Passey on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Johan Ho

Does anyone have WORKING oAuth LTI verification code written in PHP?  My struggle is validating the oauth_signature that is being sent over from the Canvas LTI.  I've tried several PHP libraries (OAuthSimple, etc.) with no luck.  It generates the signature but it never lines up with what Canvas is sending.  I've been able to validate my code using the online tool so it appears that my path and SBS are correct but still not lining up with what Canvas sends over.


Does anyone know why this is?  Every time I research this issue, it's just a bunch of links to a "possible answer".  It never answers it.  Ha!  Very frustrating.  So.  Does anyone have WORKING code in PHP that I can use to validate my LTI call?