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How do you manage multiple graders for an assignment?

Question asked by Josh Burnwatt on Mar 27, 2018
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First year program here hoping to find some best practice help on an issue we are having with grading. We have multiple teachers in our courses. In these courses, our curriculum committee had decided that grading responsibilities should be assigned to the individual(s) who created the question/assignment. This gets particularly tricky with our exams, which will have anywhere between 4-6 "authors" for the entire exam. We've been getting around this by creating a rubric and having each teacher submit the scores of their assigned question in the rubric. The "module leader" then goes into the SpeedGrader and actually submits the grade based on the results of the rubric.


This has worked decently in our first semester, but I understand that this was never the original intent of using rubrics. Coupled with the issues already outlined here (Multiple graders cannot use rubric in Speedgrader) and here (Multiple Graders in Speedgrader - Visual Cues/Warnings), I need to find a better way to manage our grading process.


Does anyone have any suggestions? This is quickly becoming a critical issue with our faculty. It's something we definitely would have accounted for in our LMS selection process, but as a first year program we didn't know that this would even be an issue.