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Terms and Sub Terms - Studio Idea

Discussion created by Mary Eichin on Apr 2, 2018

Allow Term and Sub-terms 

This is an admin idea I just posted - so please check it out and vote it up if it is something that you struggle with.  Are we the only ones who struggle with this?


We are having trouble as admins with the number of terms that show up under active terms.

Here is the issue:  The current term, for all admin and data collection purposes, is 2018 Spring. However, because we have slightly different start and end dates, grade reporting dates, and/or locations of these terms, we have 10 show up in our list from our SIS import. The workflow to capture the data, search for a course, analyze the name complicated to say the least. 


When we try to run a report, we have to run 10 reports, and then attempt to merge them, without duplicating data.

What would we like to have?  A main term (that we could search on, and choose for reports) and nestled under that term all of the sub terms. The main term would comprise all 10 terms and be called "2018 Spring."  That would allow us to search or choose all 10 terms at once. (At the very least, provide a way to check more than one everywhere these terms show up to select.)

Active Terms

Spring 2018

2018 Spring -1

2018 Spring - IG1

2018 Spring - IG2

and so forth

This would be a change in SIS import functionality, but it would be a huge help.  


Any guess at how many summer terms we have?