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Most Efficient Way to Auto-Sync Canvas Data With MySQL Database?

Question asked by Brett Sheeran on Apr 4, 2018
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I'm looking for the most efficient way to auto-sync Canvas Data with a MySQL database


Any suggestions?


Details as follows.

MySQL is on a Linux instance. We don't require all data, I gather request table is huge. At the moment we need maybe a dozen tables.


Currently, I've installed this library:

Canvas Data Cli


And am manually running these Bash & SQL commands


canvasDataCli fetch -c config.js -t enrollment_term_dim

canvasDataCli unpack -c config.js -f enrollment_term_dim


delete from enrollment_term_dim;

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/opt/canvas-data/unpackedFiles/enrollment_term_dim.txt' INTO TABLE enrollment_term_dim FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\t' ESCAPED BY '\b';


However, I'm concerned that delete all is rather a brute force approach. I have searching for various alternatives. However, while I see plenty of alternatives, I'm not sure which might best meet our needs:


Canvas Data Loader




Py Canvas Data


Canvas Data SDK


Any suggestions?




Brett S