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Student Data Input for Lab Reports

Question asked by Shaun Cook on Mar 31, 2018
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I've read through the community some and looked at previously asked questions.  What I'm looking to do is the following:


1.  Students add data they collected to a form, as well as answers to calculations.  Then formulas can be used to calculate whether or not their calculations were done correctly (currently, I manually input their data into Excel and use Formulas from Excel to do the later.  Works great)

2.  Students enter their data and answers to calculations and I export them somehow to Excel.


So I've been looking at what others have wrote.  I understand that currently Quizzes can only use random variables, not student input variables, so here is what I'm looking for in terms of assistance:


1.  An outside app that links to Canvas that can handle that.  I've seen that people suggest looking at them, but noone has really given good apps for this kind of work.  Usual questions I've seen on the forums are asking how students can give their own inputted value (birthdays, etc) and then use the unique data to work problems.  Are there good apps out there that allow for this kind or work?

2.  The best way to gather data up in Canvas that I can easily export to copy and paste onto a precreated Excel document.


I appreciate your input!

Shaun Cook