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Creating a bold-text link in the RCE?

Question asked by Stefanie Sanders Administrator on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2015 by Kona Jones

I've run across a weird quirk in the RCE. I have a design predilection toward "bolding" my links. So, until recently, I  created my links by:

  • typing words in the RCE
  • highlighting those words and clicking the B on the RCE
  • highlighting the words again to click the Insert Link button to type in the URL.


I then stepped away from course design for about a month.


Upon my return to the world of Canvas this week, I found that following the same sequence--first bolding the words and then creating the link--was having the odd effect of "un-bolding" the link.


I reported this oddity to Canvas support, and here's the short version of what I was told:


I understand that when you bold text, and then highlight it again to create a link, the section Unbolds...This is happening because of the way the RCE formats links into HTML, which requires that it first strips all formatting from the text. As such, if you would like to have bolded links, we just have to reverse the order. First highlight the text and turn it into a link. Once that has been accomplished, you can then highlight the link, and select the bold option. Which will provide you with a bolded link.


So I replied:


The only reason I even reported this is because it is relatively new behavior. In the past, I was able to perform the tasks in the order I mentioned--first bold, then link. I have no problem reversing the order, but just wonder: Has something in the TinyMCE editor recently changed?


And here's the response (again, abbreviated):


I know they made an update to the TinyMCE or at least an update to the code in how Canvas interacts with TinyMCE near the beginning of June. I can not see any mention of a specific change to HTML formatting however.


The beginning of June timing makes sense in my context. Even so, I have a couple of questions:


  • Why? The RCE didn't have to strip code away before to create the link, so why does it have to do that now?
  • Has anyone else encountered this behavior?
  • Is it affecting any of the tutorials you might have created for your faculty (if you had been instructing users to bold a selection first and then create the link)?


I know this is not a big deal, but TinyMCE changes always intrigue me.