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What is syntax for Complete/Incomplete grade in Excel?

Question asked by Andrea Motyka on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Ken Black

What is the syntax I should enter into Excel for an assignment so that when I upload the .csv file, the character(s) I've entered are interpreted by Canvas correctly as either Complete or Incomplete?


This is what is happening now.

Starting in Canvas, I scored five students as one or the other. When Grades are exported, an X for Incomplete is a 2 in Excel. A grade of Complete or a checkmark in Canvas is seen as a 0 in Excel.


I want to go the other way. I want to score the assignment as Complete/Incomplete in Excel and then upload the cvs file into Canvas. However, I do not know what I should enter in the spreadsheet so that the score is correctly seen by Canvas as Complete. Any mark I make in a cell is interpreted as Incomplete and appears as an X in Canvas.


Any ideas?