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Log File to troubleshoot failed Quiz Upload (QTI Zip File)

Question asked by Michael Kean on Apr 3, 2018
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I'm Relatively new to canvas; However I'm used to working with similar systems.

Short Version:  Is there a log file created for a Quiz Upload from a QTI Zip file?


I attempted to upload a QTI Zip file containing a quiz; but the quiz does not appear in the QUIZZES tab; and I'm trying to figure out why?

To create this quiz, I created a "template" quiz and exported it successfully into a zip file.  I used vba to move questions and answers from an ms-word document with a test into the QTI File (which is really just some XML);  

I'm sure that I made some simple mistakes in building the modified qti/xml files, but without a log file it's difficult to know what I did wrong.


I searched through the canvas communities but didn't find anyone posting the location of a LOG file or anything that would help me figure out why my upload failed.



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