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Academic Integrity

Discussion created by Gillian Cannell on Apr 10, 2018
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We are working on our student hand-in assessment materials here at Tasmanian eSchool and are wondering if you are already working on Academic Integrity for CANVAS courses?


Student studying on campus usually submit their assignments with a Cover Sheet they sign to acknowledge that the work is their own.

We would like to include  a  mandatory tick box on our assignment page that students would need to tick before up-loading each assignment.


The statement would be similar to what is used at Hobart College (provided by Janet):


Academic Integrity Acknowledgement


I declare that the material submitted in their assignment is my own and has not been copied, plagiarised, downloaded or copyright protected by another person except as acknowledgement or referenced. I understand that work in breach of this will be assessed with a “Z” rating (failure to complete work).


Any ideas on how we may do this would be appreciated.