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due_at cannot be blank... but it's not

Question asked by Jordan Gardner on Apr 5, 2018
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I'm getting a confusing error when trying to create a course assignment (/api/v1/courses/<course_id>/assignments)


{'errors': {'due_at': [{'type': 'cannot be blank when Post to Sis is checked', 'attribute': 'due_at', 'message': 'cannot be blank when Post to Sis is checked'}

Here's my data:

    "assignment[assignment_group_id]": "530222",
    "assignment[description]": "",
    "assignment[due_at]": "2018-05-11T12:00:00",
    "assignment[grading_type]": "points",
    "assignment[integration_data]": "...",
    "assignment[integration_id]": 1797975748434141185,
    "assignment[lock_at]": "2018-05-11T12:00:00",
    "assignment[name]": "Chapter 2 Readings Quiz",
    "assignment[points_possible]": 15,
    "assignment[published]": "true",
    "assignment[submission_types][]": [
    "assignment[unlock_at]": "2018-05-14T00:30:00"

``due_at`` is clearly not blank.  Any idea why I'm getting the error?  All my other assignments are posting just fine.