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I <3 the 90's! Quiz: Are you a Canvas Guru?

Discussion created by Holly Owens on Apr 9, 2018
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Let me set the stage for this discussion. I'm a product of the 80's and the 90's were my, and now are referred to as, my "good ole days." I remember reading magazines such as Seventeen, and others that target teens, which had quizzes in them such as "Are you a snob?" or "Can you keep a secret?" For these quizzes you read through a series of 5-10 questions and then based on your responses you came up with a number which put you in a certain category (e.g. Super Snob, LOL!). I sure do miss the 90's..Semi-Charmed Life is currently playing in the background as I write this


Anyways, back to 2018...


I started thinking about how cool it would be to design a quiz for users (e.g. students, faculty) that provides them with a "level"  (e.g. basic, intermediate, advanced <---I'd use more creative level titles) of where they fall when it comes to using Canvas? This would more or less act as a needs assessment for users so that they can pick trainings/workshops based on their level, and it would also help those that support users (e.g. IDs, Admins) get a better idea of where users stand. I was also thinking how we could correlate these levels with some sort of creative badging to motivate users, similar to ones we have here in the Canvas community. I wanted to share my thoughts with the fantastically wonderful creative minds that are a part of this community and get your thoughts and feedback about how one could go about building such a thing, and also if any things like this already exist? Thanks for your honest and thoughtful feedback!  




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