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Request for another survey discussion

Discussion created by Jon Fenton Administrator on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Jessica Sowalsky

Hello Everyone! 


I heard that the most recent Catalog User Group call was fantastic! I'm sorry that I was not able to attend, but I look forward to participating on future calls. One idea that surfaced on the call was that people are interested in doing another survey about requested feature work in Catalog. I found this a bit surprising, given that we've done 2 surveys for Catalog already, and I wanted to get some more feedback.


As I think about it, I can think of a few reasons why one might be excited about doing another survey. First, it's possible that feature requests might change. Perhaps the feature that someone voted as the number one most important feature before is now lower on their list, and they would like a chance to recast their vote.  Another possibility is that someone didn't have the chance to participate in the earlier surveys, and would like a new survey so that they can give input. And the last one I can think of is that someone might not be happy with the way the previous surveys turned out. Perhaps the features that are most important to them showed up lower on the list than they would like. Another survey would be new opportunity for their most needed features to rise to the top. 


I'm curious which of these scenarios rings true for people, or what other ones I might have missed. If you feel like you fall in the first camp, I'm curious what changed. Why are the features that you were most interested in previously now not as important? If, on the other hand, your about opinion Catalog feature work has not changed, but you feel like the previous surveys are not an accurate representation of the way things really are, I'm curious why you feel that way. And how could we make sure that a new survey is more accurate? 


To sum things up, I'm anxious to know why folks are feeling like a new survey is necessary. Thanks in advance for your input!