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Multiple grades from a single link from an external tool.

Question asked by Anu Shimpi on Apr 13, 2018
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Multiple grades from a single link from an external tool.


We have an external tool for Canvas where a user can click on a link to get to an assignment. However the student can then go to other assignments in the tool by continuing to do work there. Since we can only get the lis_result_sourcedid from the link that was clicked, how would I be able to post the grades for the other assignments that are in the students course links. e.g. There is a link to section 1.1.2 that is graded, the student completes that assignment and then moves on through the other sections in the external tool and also completes the assignment for section 1.1.5 without clicking the link in the course (thus I don't know the lis_result_sourcedid for it), the tool knows the grade and need to pass it back to Canvas, however the sourcedid for it is not going to be the same, tool knows the assignment id from when it was created. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Is there an algorithm for calculating the sourced id? We are passign back the grades using LTI outcomes POX, however are open to using the API as well.