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Broken feature: How to upload a file to canvas via iPad simply.

Question asked by Will Nesse on Apr 18, 2018
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I've been lecturing calculus via iPad for the last year by creating .pdf notes in the notability app.  It had been easy to upload these .pdf files to Canvas, however during the last software update I found it was no longer possible to add a file to Canvas directly from Notability.


I was using Canvas Student, even though I was a teacher. I then started using the Canvas Teacher app and found that you could add files via iPad, however not directly through Notability. I found a workaround where I send files to a cloud based file folder (Box, Dropbox) and then I could upload, BUT, I discovered that while it uploads the file to the Canvas folder, THERE IS NO WAY TO PUBLISH THE FILE ON THE IPAD!


So, to get a viewable file to students I used spend 10 seconds to tap a few buttons and voila!


Now, I must do the following: (1) send the .pdf to a cloud folder on my iPad, (2) open the Canvas teacher app on my iPad then go through many submenus to upload but not "publish" the file, and then (3) open up my laptop, and login to the canvas site and hit the PUBLISH button on the uploaded files.


This is a major pain.


Please fix this.