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Issues with rubric_assessment parameter

Question asked by James Lane on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by James Lane

Hello everyone,


I have read through a few posts about downloading rubric data and comments scattered around the Canvas Answers community and a few have touched on the 'rubric_assessment' parameter while downloading assessment submissions.


I guess I should explain the background of this request. In the past the company that I work for has manually entered rubric marks into a student management system to ensure compliance... MANUALLY ENTERED 400+ students every term... I have recently taken over the position and refuse to believe that as a tech company we have to manually enter data into our systems.


From my understanding will return a 'Submission Object'. Adding '?include[]=rubric_assessment' to the request should include the scores for the individual criteria that is contained in the rubric. Is this assumption correct? I cannot see any difference in result including this parameter or not.


I am using a python script so the syntax is a bit different but I have tested this endpoint using curl as well and the result was the same. The documentation is not very clear as to what this parameter returns/is.


My questions then become; Am I using the endpoint correctly? Is their an easier way to export learning outcome marks contained within the rubric?