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Can a student submit a URL and a file in the same submission?

Question asked by Scott Finkeldei on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2019 by Gideon Williams

My testing also shows that although a student can add a text doc AND a File Upload AND a video AND a URL in the same attempt, Canvas only submits the item on the tab they click Submit on. 


So if, for example, an instructor wanted a video or URL to a video AND a text or doc that provides justification for why that video was selected, the instructor would be able to check both boxes in Assignment setup and it would appear that would work.  And the students would be able to add both the video and the text but only one would be submitted and they would have to re-submit a second attempt to get the explanation file up there.   So now students have one submission to make but must submit twice to accomplish this and it is shown to instructors as 2 attempts.

I cannot send them all at once, I have to send each tab separately.


 Am I missing something here?  Can a student submit more than 1 object to an assignment at a time or am I understanding the limitation correctly?  


Thanks for any insight anyone could add.