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  How can outcome results be submitted or updated?

Question asked by George Taylor on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by John Boekenoogen

Short story:

I'm building a tool for entry and reporting of course outcomes.


I can do:

  • Create/import outcomes for all courses.
  • Get the results
  • Write to database
  • Build a report


I can't do:(Don't know how to do).

  • Submit/update results to an outcome for a student. (via api or LTI)
  • Create rubrics via API LTI.


I could use the submission API, but it requires a rubric with the outcomes aligned to it, and I can't create a rubric.(Rubric API is limited)


I could build a one question question bank, build a quiz with that bank,  use the quiz submission API, to enter the data.  Nope, no Api to link an outcome to a bank.



Longer Story:


We have enough faculty adoption to start using Canvas to collect data on student outcomes for internal course improvement and accreditation reporting.  The challenge so far has been a data entry process for faculty to use.


Canvas supports Rubrics or Question groups.   Which works for a lot of cases, but not all and there is not a good way to collect supplemental data.


Learning Mastery Gradebook is a good tool but it does not give faculty a comparison to their peers.


This looks seemed like an excellent job for an LTI tool.


A course level LTI tool has easy access to the students, outcome results, faculty.

A report could be built to compare results from previous semester/peer courses.

(Something to share comments between faculty) probably in person meetings. maybe?(there are a few good Instcon presentations on this as well).  If I find my notes I'll link them later.

I went over the last 3 years of video seeing what other collages are using for outcomes.


I just can't find a way to update scores for an outcome.

Besides faculty created rubrics or questions banks.