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Why did Canvas garble a chart from a Word document?

Question asked by William Masters on Apr 17, 2018
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Hello Canvas people - I just dinged a student for submitting an exercise with the chart below, which has an ineptly drawn X axis where years start at zero.  The student said hey, I actually did that right, so I opened the Word doc that was submitted and in fact it was correctly made.  I have pasted the screenshot of that image from Word below the Canvas rendering. 


Do you have any idea why Canvas would have muddled the axis properties of a chart from Word?


Very weird!  Could the SpeedGrader rendering be systematically altering other aspects of submissions from Word?


Many thanks,


Will Masters

(Tufts University)


Canvas rendering of student's chart (X axis starts at zero)


Microsoft Word rendering of chart (X axis starts at 1965)