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Canvas Authentication with Jenzabar

Question asked by Joshua Johnson on Apr 19, 2018
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Greetings everyone,

I am at an institution currently using Jenzabar EX 7 (looking at EXi) and the JICS that is thinking about migrating to Canvas as our LMS.  The big question I have is regarding authentication.  Currently we are using a plugin with Jenzabar to authenticate users for Moodle, but I've heard that this has been problematic keeping it up to date for our normal Jenzabar updates.


Can anyone share how they are authenticating Canvas and Jenzabar users?  Are you using the Jenzabar SSO?  Are you using a plugin for authentication?  Can you provide any info or guidance in either case?  Do you have a separate Authentication server that Jenzabar authenticates against?  etc...


Thank you!