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Trouble accessing Discussions using the app

Question asked by Monica Aufrecht on Apr 20, 2018
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One of my students reports that they are unable to post to the discussion board using the Canvas app. They cannot see any of the other students' posts, either. They can post (and see posts) just fine from their computer.  


The discussions are divided up into groups. Perhaps the app is not recognizing that the student is in a one of the groups? How can we fix this?


(Incidentally, I am also unable to view and post group replies in the app when the discussion is divided into groups, presumably because the app does not recognize that I, as the teacher, am a member of the group.)


Things I've tried:

I've tried changing a variety of settings. I've removed the requirement to post before viewing replies. I've removed the requirement to move through the module in order. But they are still report the problem. The student reports being able to use the app to access discussion boards in other courses, but not in this course. 


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